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How did this crazy idea start..... Covid-19!


It would be crazy to think it didn't influence each and every single one of us, in more ways than we could ever imagine.

However I put all this "extra" time to good use and followed my passion.

Just like me, so many South Africans are scattered round the world, working, exploring, finding a new life and creating new beginnings. This page was created to become a source of easy to make family recipes, great memories and a way for us not to forget what brings us all together.... GREAT FOOD!


rusk - [ ruh·sk ]


  • a slice of sweet raised bread dried and baked again in the oven; zwieback.

  • light, soft, sweetened biscuit.


Rusks, are the original padkos…. and the version of what we know today has been around since the late 1690s.


Every house has a family recipe that’s been perfected over time with the most famous is brand called “Ouma rusks”. We’re not the only country with a fascination with dried “bread”. The Italians have biscotti, Japanese sometimes dry baguette or croissants, India called it khasta and katti toos in Pakistan.

Sweet & Savory Favorites

"Well first let me note that I am not South African. I'm Cuban and whoa.... hats off to SA man...these are delish.

I've tried almost every recipe on this page, it is a new obsession.


I'm not skilled in baking at all and my kids are eating everything once its out. F-in great. Rusks with cafe con leche in the morning has been a staple now that Ericka has sold them.


I dont have the patience to let them dry like she does. Try it, or buy it. Because they are amazing."

Scarlett Otero

"Wonderful photos and recipes.
South African flavours at its best

Nice work Ericka!"


"The bread coming out of this kitchen is on another level! Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful South African flavors and creating such delicious treats!"


"This girl can cook (and bake:)! It’s been amazing watching Ericka effortlessly whisk up beloved family recipes from across the globe. Her recipes are a definite must! 💛💛"



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